Krakow to Prague – Trains, Rains, and Automobiles.

Jun 28th, 2009 David Berger 3 min read

I left Krakow at 8am to catch my bus to the border town of Cieczen. The town situated three hours by mini-bus from Krakow was a beautiful mixture of Polish and Czech architecture (nearly identical). The walk across the city took an easy 45 minutes and left me with an hour and a half to catch my Direct 4 hour train to Prague. I waited,…


Jun 28th, 2009 David Berger 5 min read

I arrived in Lipsk around 8 am. Disembarked from the minibus and headed from the supermarket down toward the great cathedral. From there I started wandering the streets until I could find the local library. Wandering through the open streets, watching the fields of wheat and grain swaying in the summer breeze, I felt nearly as tranquil as the little town I had arrived in….


Jun 24th, 2009 David Berger 2 min read

I left Warsaw the next day, still pissed at the event at the train station. I’d blown off some steam by going out dancing in Warsaw (salsa of course) and was prepared for a decent journey on to Augustów and Lipsk. I was returning to my ancestral roots, one of the oldest cities my aunt who does our genealogical tree has found. I grabbed the…


Jun 24th, 2009 David Berger 3 min read

I arrived in the Train station in Warsaw after a nasty experience on the train. Apparently the Polish rail system accepts student discounts only for polish nationals. However, their railway desk had sold me a student ticket, having accepted my student ID (ASU Sun Card) and taken down my student number. I boarded the train and had no issues until the Railway conductor asked for…


Jun 24th, 2009 David Berger 3 min read

I arrived from Budapest that evening, exausted and ready for a little bit of a break. I grabbed my bags from the bus and meandered my way across the central square and the mall towards the Hostel. Gregg & Tomms. A short stay, long enough to get my bearings and see what I could. I wrote a little and crashed out around 1am before waking…


Jun 21st, 2009 David Berger 2 min read

I grabbed a few other Hostel goers and headed out to see the Pest side of Budapest. We walked down the central street toward the chain bridge and stopped off at the beautiful and ornate opera house complete with drama faces and sphinx. from the opera house we turned and visited St. Stephens: and wandered inside to view the splendor of the edifice: From its…

Buda and Pest

Jun 21st, 2009 David Berger 3 min read

I pulled into Budapest around that night. Wandered my way through the metro and found myself along with a fellow Kiwi to Tiger Tim’s Hostel. We dropped our gear and rested up before heading out on the town. Grabbing dinner with the crew and then headed out into Budapest’s nightlife. Decent, not thriving but still pretty hard hitting. We went out together as a hostel,…

Sarajevo – Bosnia

Jun 21st, 2009 David Berger 2 min read

After another long ride on the bus of death I arrived in Sarajevo Bosnia at 11:30pm. I grabbed the last trolly of the night and headed to Old town. There I wandered about the small district until I found my Hostel nestled into a dark corner street just at the edge of the Old town. I checked in, discovered my booking had been lost and…

Beograd – Belgrade!

Jun 21st, 2009 David Berger 2 min read

Pulling in to the train station from our grueling cross mountain trip, we arrived exausted and sore in Belgrade. Beograd, Serbia is a beautiful mixture of Old city, sitting atop its hilltop fortress, newer city edging its ancient streets away from the fortress and the newest communistic residential blocks across the river staring bluntly into the sunset. Belgrade is Eastern Europes Berlin. The Nightlife there…

Brasov – Romania – Castles, Vampires, O.o

Jun 13th, 2009 David Berger 2 min read

I Arrived in Brasov at 2pm found my hostel by 2:30 and then headed out to walk the city and explore. Romanian architecture is mostly German. When it was unified to become the Romanian Kingdom, a German man was chosen as king and the German influences abound. Romanian language doesn’t use the cyrillic alphabet, and better yet, it is based on latin. Being able to…