Day II: Fishing, Swimming, Dancing – living on the beach

Day II: Fishing, Swimming, Dancing – living on the beach 5-28-11

I woke up with the dawn, the cool crisp breeze coming off the water pushing the moist wet smell of the sea into every breath. I packed up my hammock in its quick pack sleeves, it took me 10 seconds to put it away and safely tucked back into its bag. I grabbed a bottle of sun screen, plastered myself white and ran joyfully toward the sea.

Mom and Dad had a pot of coffee on the burner and breakfast of oatmeal waiting as I stumbled back into the site. I wasn’t used to waking up with the sun at 5am. Heck, that’s about when I usually go to sleep. As I sat inside my father and brother brought out our Porta-Boat, a 12 foot folding boat, that folds down to the size and shape of a surfboard and then pops open, is reinforced by its seats and hold 2-3 fishermen, their tackle and with a 5hp motor is great for near shore sea fishing. Dad and Alex went out first, we launched the boat in the sand at low tide and they made their way down to the point on the south side of Cholla. They fished back and forth and caught a good 10-15 fish. Mom and I came back to the trailer and she took the truck over to have some work done on it. I settled down with a good book and began reading about Health services and medical services in remote wilderness.

As I read the sun rose and my skin turned that wonderful bright pink, sunscreen be damned. I smiled and continued enjoying the sun, beach and ocean.

Dad and Alex came back and we pulled the boat up on the beach then I switched with Pa. Alex and I took the boat out, down to the point and started fishing. I caught 4 rock bass and a wrass. Alex caught two more rock bass. After a relaxing morning on the boat we turned and came back into shore. We beached the boat, pulled the engine out and slid it up onto a trolly, returning it to the trailer.

Already salty and soaked from the waist down, we grabbed some shoes and the four of us rushed into the sea, floating and swimming on the beach. Lunchtime came and we headed back to chow down. After lunch we headed into town. Alex wanted to meet a friend of his in Cholla, and Ma and I wanted to go shopping on the cheaper side of Rocky Point – Rodeo Drive. Better prices, better silver, and more fun than the fish markets and main drag in the city. First as a family we went out to a second lunch at a cantina across from JJ’s cantina in Cholla. The fish tacos were ok, the beef wasn’t bad either. We finished up our meal and headed back to home base, we split up the vehicles and Ma and I headed into Rodeo Drive.

On the market street I found a beautiful silver ring with a continuous line flanked on either side by dots of silver on a hatched background. It will serve as a good reminder of the circle of life when I’m in Africa. It was a good bargain and with a little negotiation I got an even better price. Satisfied we headed back.

When we got back to the trailer we took another relaxing break, talking, reading, and relaxing in the sun on the beach. We helped one of our neighbors with a project and then turned back in for a fantastic steak dinner, with potatoes and fresh shrimp. After dinner we relaxed again watching the stars over the sea. One by one each of us retired until I was left laying in my hammock, watching the stars sparkling over the ocean. I fell asleep content and excited for the morning sun.





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