Wallow Fire Update

I’m posting to let you all know that I’ll be out of contact for a while as I’m working for the Red Cross Response to the Wallow Fire.

The Below information is the official information posted this afternoon by the Red Cross for the shelter I’m working in:

How the Red Cross is Helping
Red Cross volunteers from throughout Arizona are operating the shelter 24-7, to assist people who have been impacted by the fire and evacuation orders.
Throughout the day, Friday, two Red Cross mobile units delivered bulk supplies including food, water and hygiene supplies to local campsites where evacuees are staying, as well as to firefighters and law enforcement personnel.
A Red Cross communications vehicle is stationed at Blue Ridge High School providing free internet and cell phone access to impacted individuals.
Red Cross Shelter (opened on June 2)
Blue Ridge High School
1200 White Mountain Blvd.
Lakeside, Arizona
Shelter Registrations: 456
Shelter Overnight Stays (Thursday, June 9): 48
Total Shelter Stays (cumulative): 238
Emergency Response (mobile distribution) Vehicles: 2
Emergency Communications Response Vehicle: 1
Partnering in Disaster Relief

The Salvation Army is providing hot meals at the shelter for those impacted by the wildfire.
The Arizona Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief team is providing a mobile shower unit at Blue Ridge High School.
How You Can Help
The outpouring from individuals and communities has been tremendous, and we thank you for helping your neighbors in need.

Individual Donations of Goods: We have received an overwhelming response of material donations from individuals. At this time, however, the Red Cross is not able to accept any additional donations such as clothing, hygiene supplies or food from individuals.

Corporate Bulk Donations: Please contact Shannon Owsley at 602-347-6522.

For information on our current disaster response and needs, please read more about our “Fire Hurts – The Red Cross Responds” campaign.

How You Can Be Prepared for an Evacuation and Other Safety Tips
Be Red Cross Ready
Wildfire Safety Checklist
Other Safety Tips
Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist
Keeing Your Pets Safe: Pets in Shelters
Although you and your animals may be more comfortable together, be prepared to shelter safely and separately. Red Cross shelters cannot accept pets because of health and safety concerns and other considerations. Service animals that assist people with disabilities are allowed in Red Cross shelters.

A pet shelter for small animals, is available and being supported by a team from the Arizona Humane Society. If you are evacuating with a pet, please remember to bring supplies you have on hand and any medications they may need, and drop your pets off at the pet care shelter.

Show Low Animal Care and Control
1181 E. Thorton Rd
Show Low, Arizona

Impacted individuals needing assistance with pet sheltering may call the Arizona Humane Society Mobile Animal Clinic: 602-390-6429. Click here to learn more about the Arizona Humane Society’s wildfire response.

Sheltering for “large animal and livestock” is available at the Round Valley Fairgrounds in St. Johns.

Safe and Well
After a disaster, letting your family and friends know that you are safe and well can bring your loved ones great peace of mind. This website is designed to help make that communication easier.

Concerned family and friends can search the list of those who have registered themselves as “safe and well” by clicking on the “search registrants” button once you’ve visited the Red Cross Safe and Well site. The results of a successful search will display a loved one’s first name, last name and a brief message.

Visit the Red Cross Safe and Well site to register or search.

Important Links and Resources
These are links to responding agencies and emergency information. Most provide social media links such as Twitter. Using these social media tools allows you to get immediate information if you have access to a mobile device or the Internet. We encourage you to access Red Cross social media sites. Click here to learn more.
Arizona Emergency Information Network
Arizona Division of Emergency Management
Apache County Emergency Management
Incident Information System
St. Johns Regional Chamber of Commerce (Available Assistance for evacuees in St. Johns)
Media Contact
Mark Weldon, Director of Communications
Cell: 602-819-9213
E-mail: mweldon@arizonaredcross.org






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