Understanding ones priorities

Aug 31st, 2012 David Berger 3 min read

Well darn, that title right there is one heck of a tall order. I suppose y’all are strapped in for quite the ride with me tonight. I’m taking a little break from the trip updates to write you this little piece of musing on priorities. I’ve written on motivation a couple of times now but I haven’t really touched on that sensitive subject of priorities….


Aug 29th, 2012 David Berger 4 min read

I hope I explained some of the background regarding our Safari at Kaingo in my last post, so I won’t re-hash too much of it. I’d rather spend this post talking about a specific three day incident that we encountered and then followed while staying at Kaingo. It’s a bit gruesome animal wise, so be forewarned. On the second day of our stay, we noted…

Kaingo Day 1

Aug 27th, 2012 David Berger 4 min read

In my last post I had a chance to introduce you to Kaingo and South Luangwa, but I didn’t really get a chance to describe our experiences and the Safari.   Our arrival at Kaingo was like a dream of excitement, and comfort. We were escorted din by the owner/operator, met by the friendly staff and guides, and immediately taken care of. After just a…

Ntumbatuschi and Northern Luapula province

Aug 24th, 2012 David Berger 3 min read

As morning dawned we settled into the car, girded ourselves for one hell of a ride, and started out on the bush path that would take us to the main road. We high centered a few times, scraped here and there, and finally burst out of the bush on clean and clear tarmac. Now I’ll call it a road, because once a long time ago…

From Mansa to South Luangwa

Aug 22nd, 2012 David Berger 4 min read

A hop skip and a jump, from Mansa to South Luangwa:   Alright then! So, After our spectacular evening and morning in at Lake Bengweulu in Samfya district, we got back in our vehicle and drove to Mansa. It was an exciting day, we’d gotten everything prepared, and after returning the vehicle we picked up some lunch in a local Mansa hole in the wall…


Aug 20th, 2012 David Berger 1 min read

Samfya! All packed up, we said goodbye to Chisunka, piled into the car and headed south. We were on the road to Lake Bengweulu, Samfya district. Samfya is something special – it’s a gorgeous lake smack dab in the southen part of Luapula. It spans two provinces and is just big enough that you can’t see the other shore. What that means, and this is…

Family Reunion

Aug 6th, 2012 David Berger 4 min read

Alright, in my last post I mentioned I’d be writing updates for the last few weeks, so let’s start at the beginning. The folks arrived in Zambia July 8th and for a torturous two days stayed down in Lusaka, Zambia waiting for their flight to come and join me in Mansa for the trip to my village. After hours of patiently (fretfully) waiting, I got…

Returning to the village

Aug 3rd, 2012 David Berger 1 min read

Good morning my friends! Back to texting you my blog entries! Looks like I’m home for a bit – back in the village I mean. Thanks for being patient with me and keeping up with my sporadic facebooking etc. I’m going to be going through and journaling/blogging about the last three weeks. It was an amazing time, fantastic experience full of wonder, awe, excitement and…