I received my official invitation, and departed for Zambia, Africa with the Peace Corps on July 19th 2011 to work as a Health Extension Officer.

I completed Pre-Service training July 2011 to October 7th 2011 – sworn in as a community development and health extension officer / volunteer on October 7th. I recieved an advanced-low language proficiency in icibemba after 9 weeks. I work and live 56km in the African bush, in locally available housing – a fired mud brick hut, grass thatch roof, no running or potable water, no electricity and a bicycle for transport. I am responsible for a catchment area of 56 kilometers by 11 kilometers and a population of approximately 9127 Zambians.

I am working with the local community, NGOs the Zambian Ministry of Health, and other governmental organizations to build capacity on sustainable development, educate on HIV/AIDS, malaria, opportunistic infections, water and sanitation practices and environmental health. I also teach on hygiene and preventative health, immunization, nutrition, food security, resource diversification, building linkages and facilitating cultural, managerial, economic, and environmental development.

I am working with the community in Gender and Development (GAD) and Women in Development (WID), youth empowerment and reaching orphans and vulnerable children. I work in agriculture, encouraging food diversification, better planting techniques and soil enrichment using locally available resources, as well as water harvesting and animal keeping.

Projects include trainings, certifications, demonstrations, co-facilitations, linkages, and mentorship. Examples range from learning exchanges between HIV/AIDS task forces, well construction and hand washing facility construction, field and crop demonstration plots to improve food security and diversity, additionally programs to introduce food preservation to combat what is known as hunger season, youth, OVC, and women’s empowerment camps and programs – youth friendly corner, as well as projects identified using PACA – Participatory Analysis for Community Action.

I will serve at post through October 2013.

I am a contributor and member site of the Travel Resource Network. A network of travelers, bloggers, and resources aimed at facilitating travel, cultural exchange and adventure.

The future of electronic education: Conceptualize, create, and market virtual modules to be introduced into a new generation of Cyber College’s.

I previously worked with the Grand Canyon Chapter of the American Red Cross to rework and redevelop their Logistics infrastructure in preparation for state wide disaster response.

Milan Economic Review and Planning: Examine the changing form of Milan as it alters its image and structure to become competitive in a tertiary globalized world market.

– I completed this project, expanded on the idea and wrote my honors thesis for the Barrett Honors College on the project. It was a great success and earned me my degree with honors.

Sports Club Association: Draft and generate a bill to be submitted to the USG Senate regarding permanent funding for the Sports Club Association to better serve the needs of students who participate in Clubs through the SORC.

-Working hand and hand with fellow students, we laid the groundwork for the growth and amazing success of this program. It is now responsible for nearly $175,000 of allocated funding from our humble beginnings of $55,000.

Devil Dancesport Invitational: A collegiate level competition held at Arizona State University March 28th 2009. Finalizing details and actualization of the competition.

– We had a wildly successful, ASU is now looking to host the third annual DDSI!