Journal Ieri Sera- 23-01-09

Allora, Ieri sera io sono andato alle pub con Paul. Ho visto gli amici di Paul and ho parlato molto. Ho bevuto un po.

Yesterday was pretty darn interesting. I went to the pub with Paul and we decided to walk it. (from Paul’s to the pub is 20-25 minutes) It was COLD! But as we walked toward the duomo and the pub we encountered that same concert only this time as we walked by there was a live band playing. They were metal and the lead singer was screaming… but in Italian. A weird realization as I listened to it. The police were still quietly sitting at each of the exits of the piazza waiting in riot gear and their armor… I guess they are just for show. We passed through after listening to one song and continued on our journey.

We made it to the pub and started playing Jenga with the bartenders and some Italian/English guys who were regulars. I had a few drinks and so did Paul. Ended up wandering around and chatting with a bunch of folks, it was a very interesting night. I met a visiting Swede who was studying Italian and a young man whose parents work for the consulate. He said he would ask them if they knew of any places renting for pretty cheap or any families I could stay with. I gave him my card with my e-mail on it so now I can only wait and hope that it works out. At some point in the night I lost Paul. He wandered off somewhere with some of his friends. I waited at the bar chatting and having a good time until it closed. When the bar closed I decided that I’d wait 10 minutes and then walk home. I walked home without finding him and ended up waiting outside the front gate to his apartment complex.

Outside the complex I found a kebab shop that was great…3 euro for a wrap the size of my two palms and meat and veggies… not bad for 2:15 in the morning! After that I saw a guy go in the building. I propped open the door, got inside, and made it up to the apartment. I got in the apartment and went to bed knowing Paul had his key and would be fine with his friends. He came in about 15-20 minutes later apologized for losing track of me at the pub and went to bed.

All in all a fun night full of good conversation and interesting events!

Ciao Ciao!






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