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  1. Jean Lippincott Avatar

    Love reading about all the things you are doing! Happy home warming.

  2. Webster sinkala Avatar
    Webster sinkala

    I appreciate all the activities you are implementing in Mansa and Luapula at large.I have seen a positive change in the living standards of people in Laupula.Thanks

  3. mubanga Avatar

    hope you are ok and you still enjoying Zambia.
    was impressed by the improvement you made to the house design that you made, i saw it on a clip on national television. good stuff you doing i would be interested in working on something with you.

  4. Fran Weintraub Avatar
    Fran Weintraub

    Hello, I stumbled on your website when looking for advice on the SteriPen adventurer. My daughter, Emily, has just arrived for training with Peace Corp. she requested the SteriPen. I wonder if it will make it through the mail and customs etc. I have a small package of clothes to include with the steriPen. What is your advice about what is allowed through the mail? thanks in advance. It is good to hear your experiences and helps us get a better idea of Peace Corp Projects in Zambia. Good work!

  5. webster sinkala Avatar
    webster sinkala

    had ample time working with pcvs vanessa armijo and juliana pugmire on health projects in mpongwe on the copperbelt of zambia. good experience. we sunk boreholes reorganised community health groups. formed a powerful nutrition group headed by godfrey kashimba among a number of projects we initiated. as clinical officer in charge of Kanyenda clinic i rendered technical advise on all health committees. i learnt projects management practically. thanks to the american government.

  6. Carol Radke Avatar
    Carol Radke

    Hi David,

    I understand you are now in Africa. However, I Googled “Lipsk, Poland” and came upon your site. My great grandfather (Michal Drozdowski) was born in Lipsk in 1861. He was Catholic. It sounds like your family was Jewish. I can see the red Catholic Church via Internet. Do you recall if there is a Catholic cemetery in the town or was that also destroyed?

    I understand the Catholic priest there will not allow “researchers” access to church records. I just want to find the cemetery to see if I can find my great, great grandparent’s graves.

    I am planning on traveling there later this year. I’ll fly to Warsaw, rent a car and drive. I have a distant “cousin” who lives in nearby Augustow, but she does not speak English.

    Any suggestions or comments regarding travel to that part of Poland? Are the locals fairly friendly towards Americans? Much crime towards tourists? I am a 60 and feel OK traveling touristy parts of Europe, but have not been in post-communistic countries or rural parts.

    My family left Lipsk in 1890s and settled in Upper Michigan. The barns they built there are still standing and look the same as the ones I’ve seen in photos in Lipsk – hand carved corners, no nails.

    Thanks for your kind assistance.

    Carol Radke
    Milwaukee, WI, USA

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