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I am a flexible self-starter able to adapt to new languages and varied inter-cultural duties. After my work with the State department, I traveled for 4 months backpacking in 26 countries conducting independent research on urban systems, culture, sustainability initiatives, and development. This solo experience in foreign environments taught me to rely on myself. I learned to adapt to varied situations and unexpected environments, to connect with local and international hosts, and enjoy the beauty and joy of cross-cultural interface. These immersion experiences were the forge that shaped my desire and skills to work in international development.

The information and high quality of instruction at Barrett, the open conferences with world-renowned academics and professionals, my internship with the State Department, my work as Vice President of the non-profit Southwest Research and Education Services, Emergency Services Logistics at the Grand Canyon Chapter of the American Red Cross, and now the U.S. Peace Corps in Health and Community Development has given me a strong foundation in international affairs, logistics, NGO development, and global relations.

I believe that with the turmoil and change present throughout the world, it is necessary to have skills and an education that can adapt to situations as presented. My experiences have helped me develop an international skill set and strengthen my desire to work in international development. I have training in team building, mediation, negotiation, public speaking, international politics, language skills, sociology, administrative process, logistics, project planning and development, community mobilization, community development, cross cultural education, public health, and research practices.

I am a contributor and member site of the Travel Resource Network. A network of travelers, bloggers, and resources aimed at facilitating travel, cultural exchange and adventure.


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