Journal 4 – 2 Am Jan 22:

Milan 2009 – Observations. The city is interesting, like its population it is fitted. Tight streets, tight corners, tight clothes. Everyone I’ve seen is thin, and strangely… fitted, like a silhouette. It’s a little odd. The buildings here have seen better days, and with snow expected for Friday, it should be an interesting weekend. Graffiti is very common and the city is deep in winter mourning. Everything appears slightly dampened. It’s a new feeling. Not something I felt even in the cold grey that was London… but it was summer when I was in London. People here are seasonal I think. As spring and summer come along I trust Milano will shine.

I saw a lot of interesting things during my walk through the city, the graffiti and the hungry growl of winter push foremost in my mind. I’ll start taking photos tomorrow as I’m walking between the apartments I am looking at. I hope I’ll find a good fit.

The bar was a lot of fun. Guys studying at Bocconi and one young woman studying at the Catholic Univeristy. Interesting group – English pub and everyone speaking English with a little Italian mixed in. Played Uno and Jenga over a pint of Guiness – it tastes so much better here. Pub closed around 1:30 and we stayed inside with the folks running it.

Basta. Io ho bisogno di dormire. Alle due in la mattina e sono molto stanco. Suffro di Jet lag e sveglio alle sette.