Milano – Day 2

Journal Three Day two – Milan – Jan 21st Wednesday evening:

Wonderful morning. Buon Mattina! This morning Paul and I went over to the consulate and checked in. I had a wonderful chat with Mr. Kidwell about my duties and what our division of the consulate does. I think its going to be quite a lot of fun. From what he described I’ve got a bit of writing and reading ahead of me to stay on top of my learning curve. Nothing I can study for either. I just need to pick it up quickly. Time to start reading Italian newspapers and online sites each morning to work on my language skills. I’m excited to start work on the 26th.

Since I only have 5 days before I begin work I need to figure out this whole apartment issue. The two apartments I checked into today didn’t work out. The first won’t be available until February 1st five days after I am to start work. The second was already booked. I took the entire day to check into resources. I managed to find my way to University Bocconi. After speaking with the staff and getting some contacts I fired off two e-mails to their housing directors and spent a good half an hour scrounging through the bulletin boards for room availability postings. I called 20 different people today and 14 of the 20 rooms had already been booked. I emailed two, and set up appointments to visit the apartments tomorrow starting at 1pm and going until 7pm at night. I hope I’ll find something manageable. I don’t want to impose on Paul and he’s been nice enough to let me stay here two nights now as it is. I think I’ll end up staying tomorrow night as well and hopefully moving out on Friday.

Its pretty cold and I’ve been fighting my jet lag. Had to take a nap today around 6pm so I could focus. I did my first assignment for my online ITA 202 course. Made a post and now need to wait for my fellow students to ask me questions then respond. It seems like the course will be a lot of busy work. But over all I think I’ll do just fine. It is imperative that I find an apartment with Internet though. Been talking and asking for directions in Italian and trying to bring my mind around to the idea of thinking in it. I’ll know its happened when these blogs are in Italian.

Better run, meeting Paul at the Duomo then off to a pub for my first drink in Italia!








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