Thanksgiving Snippet

Thanksgiving 2008

After a relaxing drive north from Phoenix I settled in at home for Wednesday evening. Watched a movie with the folks, and fell asleep warm, safe, and excited for the next day. Thursday we headed to Sedona to spend Thanksgiving Day with our good friends the Levin’s. Our driving to Sedona to be with them has been a tradition for many years now. This year was wonderful. We enjoyed a magnificent dinner – perfect succulent turkey, Green Jello, amazing stuffing and cranberry sauce, and most importantly, great family. After dinner we walked down the street to our longtime friends the Huffman’s home.

They are a big family and we affectionately call them the huffmanys. We had our desert there and spent the evening catching up on events for the year. Since we moved away it’s been hard to keep up with our close friends, and now that I’m attending university in Tempe I get to see them even less. We made the most of our time together that evening and then piled into the car and drove home around 10.

The next morning (Friday) we had a huge thanksgiving dinner at our home in Prescott. My Aunt and Uncle came up, and a cheerful young Danish couple I’d met as well as our neighbors the Rosenbergers’. I taught a Dance class at ASU Friday and Saturday evenings for the University and met the Danish couple who were two of my students. They said they had never been to a thanksgiving dinner so I invited them to join our family.
Dinner at the house was amazing. Ham, Turkey, Salads, Pies, Green beans, anything you could imagine for Thanksgiving was on the table. We had good food, good times, and good company. Saturday my brother and I returned to Phoenix.






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