Interesting conversations

An interesting conversation…

Thought provoking to say the least, a startling opportunity to reevaluate priorities… a moment of self introspection and appraise what makes my anima and cuore satisfied.

Last night I had an amazing time at the Consul Generals Residence. We tried seven different types of wines presented by a sommelier paired with different chocolates in honor of Valentines Day. Three sweet, two strong with bitter herbs, and one middle of the road. We finished with a grappa… 38% alcohol gasoline…. The chocolates were from Madagascar, Amazonas, Ghana, and Ecuador. They ranged from 35% cocoa to over 80% dark bitter cocoa. An excellent night, but my favorite part of the evening had to have been my conversation with a colleague.

We talked about his experience in high school when he had the opportunity to pioneer a trip to Ecuador and spend ten days working hard and living with the natives. We talked about the opportunities given to Alex and me by our parent’s decision to take us out of the public education system and backpack around Europe for a year. Every 2-3 days changing cities…exploring and finding new people culture and experiences. The changes that those travels wrought are ever present. Our discussion really brought home how much I enjoy working with my hands and seeing an immediate result at the end of the day. The reward of sitting down after a long days work with the knowledge that someone’s life is better…

Its created a conflict, and I think I’ll have to go back and experience a much more hands-on career opportunity as well. So far I’ve researched, and met and spoken with some very interesting people, but the trade is in knowledge, and the actual realization of our efforts aren’t tangible. Don’t misinterpret, I enjoy what I’m doing, however my conversation has awakened my desire to experience a lifestyle where every day I see tangible results. Which of these career paths is more rewarding for me I’m not sure, but I want to find out.






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