J 21 – Walkin and Fotos!

Ciao Tutti! Come state? Io sto bene. Oggi Io ho fatto una passegiata alle navigli e anche il Duomo. Ho preso molto foto, ma piú io ho giocate Basketball. Questa sera io andro al Tropicana per ballo Salsa, Bachata e Cha Cha!

Today I went for a great walk from Bocconi Univeristy down Viale Blingy to Ptza. XXIV di Marzo. After, I walked down along the canals and took foto’s of what I found. Many interesting little buildings. I found a cathedral which had been bombed and rebuilt…all the stained glass finally replaced. However its front entrance was still covered in cement. The rose window and those facing the canals were bricked up. At the end of the shops along the canal was an old transportation depot which looked to have burned and never been rebuilt. I wandered inside and took some pictures in the areas I felt it was structurally safe enough to remain for more than a few seconds. It had been used extensively for the homeless population but it also looked like an area where stolen baggage and belonging were rifled through and then thrown into the rubble. I spent as little time there as I needed to get some foto’s and some video. I also encountered two young girls doing the same. You’ll see in two of my foto’s the two girls are there. They were nice but wary of another person being in the space. I’m sure they were as freaked out as it was.

I see remnants of the OBEY posters. They remind me of a select few people who used to wear shirts for the movement years ago. I’m steadily tagging them as they come to mind. Its interesting that only remnants of these posters remain. I wonder who initiated the movement to tear them down? The government? Interesting to find out.

The canals themselves are remnants of the city before Mussolini. They govern how the city was designed and how it was initially laid out. Very interesting to say the least. I’ll need to go through and find myself a map of the old canal system in order to better understand how Milan developed its different sectors – Industrial, Residential, etc.

I walked my way to the Duomo and took some photo’s of the second protest I’ve seen this weekend. Then wandered my way through the massive mall and headed home. Dinner with Nico, Leo, Leo’s friend, and maybe Mimo. There’s a big soccer game tonight, but I don’t want to watch it. Instead I’ll try to head to Tropicana and get some good old fashioned dancing in.

It’s a three day weekend here. So I’m pretty stoked.

Ciao tutti!






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