Journal 18 – Milano, lunch, excitement

Ciao Tutti! Come state? Io sto bene. Clase sono buono, Lavoro sono buono, miei superiori sono intersanti e a domani io vado alla casa del Consul General e la prossima settimana io andro alle norte Piemonte. Molto interesante. Io studio molto e la prossima settimana e molto importante che io parlo buon italiano. Formale… tutto formale. Io penso piú e piú in italiano. Quando io penso tutto in Italian io so la lingua. Ma io ho bisogno di studio piú in questo momento.

Io ascoltavo alle musica american, italiano, e mangio tutto. Vita e bella. Ballo molto e a me piace gli italiani.

Today I went to the market and bought a rack of pork ribs, deep fried veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber), and then I went and bought a ¼ kilo of three different tipi of olives. It was a great meal and came out pretty cheap – around 8 euro. I may go running with the other interns tomorrow or maybe just enjoy the evening at the CG’s residence. I’m very excited for work next week although my workload is steadily increasing. I’m still managing it well but have a good amount of work which I’m doing using parallel processing.

Not much to report besides that. Enjoying the city, enjoying my roommates and colleagues company. Missing the U.S. a little but have enough work to do that I’m too immersed to miss too much. English is spoken at the consulate… its like a bastion of American culture…outside is Italy – beautiful Italy. I need to adventure more into the city but with work I find that oftentime I need to mind the consequences of waking up the next morning at 7am and spending a full work day in the office.

Last few days have been beautiful, and on a separate note from work, I’m advancing my research into the structure and economic changeover happening here in Milan. Its pretty neat because I can look at the city and use the decades of experience from the FSN’s at the consulate to help fill in gaps in my understanding. I will also be able to forward my paper to them to make sure it’s all factually correct… nice to have direct access to the sources.

Beginning to fill out the structure of my Independent study. Should be really interesting to get it done.







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  1. Carla Avatar

    David (Nate): I am reading your website with regularity and great interest. What a challenge, but what a great experience! I am thinking good, warm thoughts for you! If you have time and the inclination, contact Casa Aloro in Colle Seco—I think Ian is there now. Happy Hearts Day, your ever lovin God Mother (aka, the Goddess).


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