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Journal 17 – Milan, Saturday

Saturday February 8th.

Interesting night. That’s the most I can say. After a magnificent dinner of deep friend crab puffs w/ claw and cannelloni – which is mozzarella and beef stuffed hollowed out pasta – along with some wine/beer – with my roommates and three of their friends we went on a grand adventure around Milan. Wandering all about the city and eventually ending up at il Centro – a student/bohemian hang out area which would be best described as an abandoned industrial center that’s been stripped bone bare. Huge open room with cement floors and walls…Spartan at its best. At one end was a large raised platform (loading dock/raised production area) with three DJ’s and two rappers who were singing about the government, rebellion and youth culture. I understood parts but Rap+Italian+Wine+3am+me = Very little understanding. We got there after 2:30 because it was free and Kim and I left around 3-4 taking a taxi home because we couldn’t figure out how to walk home. Nico and Leo returned at 5-6ish and went to sleep around 9.

Sunday was brilliantly sunny. So we woke up around 2 and went over to the park to play basketball. The weather was perfect. We played five rounds with some of the other Italians who were in the park. After basketball I came home, got dressed and got ready to meet Adam’s father, who graciously offered to take us to the oldest restaurant in Milan. After an amazing meal consisting of dumplings and basil, risotto, breads, and Veal alla Milanese, we sat and discussed current affairs and had a great time. The restaurant itself was magnificent with sculptures spread throughout the dining rooms and paintings/art of every wall. Bordering every wall, every 10 feet, were the original columns from the 1600’s. It was a treat to say the least. Adam’s father is a very kind gentleman with a reserved tone and calming manner.

After dinner we walked back to La Scala and then to the Duomo. From the Duomo we each went our separate ways. I came home and went to bed to prepare for work Monday.

This morning I woke at 6:30am and walked down to the ATM to withdraw the final amount for the Caution (deposit) and first month’s rent. Left it on the dresser for Nico with a note and left for work at 7:35. I got to work early and took time to get a cup of coffee to start off my day. I’m afraid it may be becoming a habit. Interestingly enough there is a city ordinance that sets a limit on the maximum charge for coffee. As long as you don’t sit down you can only be charged a maximum of 90 centismi (euro cents) per cafè. After my cup of coffee I sat down and started work for the day.

Sunday and Monday were both exquisite days. Shockingly wonderful – warm, sunny, bright – gorgeous. I could see the alps from my office today which was breathtaking. With the fog and smog of the city I often forget just how close they are…and how massive.

Have a bit of homework to do tonight…Not content to just leave it…have some reading and waiting for an Edict from the Senate… I do hope they make a decision soon.

Ciao Tutti!






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