Journal Tuesday Feb 10th.

Ciao Raggazzi! Come state? Io sto bene. Il lavoro va bene e io andro con i miei superiori al Nord d’Italia. Studio molto e io ho scritto un po. Ma, per lavoro io ho letto più. Parlo un po più ogni giorno.

Oggi è un buon giorno. Perche oggi, il sole e brilliante, il vento tranquillo e il aire e claro. Al consulato io ho visto i piedi degli alpi. Ancora questi weekend io andro alle casa delle CG. E dopo andro a ballare ai discoteci.

In il futuro io spero di vedere il sud d’Italia. Forse posso vedere a Puglia, Napoli, e Roma. Ma forse con lavoro io andro.

Last night I went dancing and got to go to both the intermediate and the basic salsa and bachata lessons. What fun. I then stayed until 2 am and went home to sleep. Different start but great fun regardless!

Work has been great and I’m getting a solid workload so I can thoroughly work through the day. Having projects to work on that involve the other staff members has been a ton of fun as well. All in all I’m enjoying work more every day. I started going to the gym at the consulate and although I have only gone twice am trying to start a habit of going 3 times a week. It should help with the atrophy of my upper body. Legs are getting stronger every day from walking everywhere, but I haven’t had much in the way of maintaining my upper body.

Today’s weather was beautiful, and I got some great shots of the Duomo and the alps as I see them every day. Although I must say today was spectacular because the smog level for the city was surprisingly low. At sunset the sky turned purplish red and I got a few pictures of the Duomo. I haven’t seen how they turned out… I’m excited though.

Watching the progress of the Stimulus bill and the disaster that’s building due to Arizona’s abandonment of essential services is frustrating at best. I’m in shock that Arizonan law makers could be ignorant enough to believe that crippling the school system after the amount of protests against the cuts would result in their re-election. I hope every one of the slimy snakes gets the axe. Seeing the changes coming to ASU through the letters published by the administration is disheartening at the least. I cannot express how disappointed I am. It’s been on my mind for the past six days… smoldering.

As for the city…with the sun everything brightens up. 3rd day like this in the past week. Amazing, hopefully a sign of weather to come, almost like a tease of summer.

Not much else to report.

Ciao Raggazzi






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