Journal entry for March 08, 2009

Today is international women’s day celebrated here in Italy by a small march and the giving of flowers. It’s an awfully nice thought to have a holiday celebrating the wonder of women… I love Italy more and more each day! Last night was an extremely interesting experience. First I went to the birthday party of a colleague at the consulate. Around 10:30 PM I left the birthday party and headed down to the Moscova metro stop. Once there I headed down the green line to Cadorna. From there I switched metros to the red line and took it to Pagano.

At Pagano I met up with Valeria, a beautiful young woman with whom I work. Her friends arrived and we went out for the night. First we stopped by a young man’s house and I was introduced to the entire group of Valeria’s friends. Although we later split up into smaller groups, it was interesting to have everyone together at a common meeting place before we went our separate ways for the evening’s festivities. There seems to be some fascination with the idea that Americans only drink whiskey. I disagree…however one does not refuse their host. I got to do a little salsa dancing and was asked to invite a young woman and her friends out to salsa. They were very excited to have met a young guy who knows how to salsa and was willing to take them dancing.

After socializing for a little while we made our way outside the apartment complex and decided to go to a club called Giola 69. Although it was small and extremely crowded the music was great, the company was entertaining, and the conversation was hilarious. Two of the young gentlemen played World of Warcraft. Now I, having battled in the online gaming world myself, and being retired from World of Warcraft as well as currently playing Everquest 2, was able to hold quite an entertaining conversation about PvP versus PvE, class specs, and how the new expansion was making the game too easy and without challenges that made it fun. We ended the night a little early coming back around 3:00 AM.