Journal March 11th 2009.

A beautiful, golden rayed day, streams of gold falling into rare, glimmering pools of light and warmth. The morning was filled with bird song, beautiful Italians, and a relaxed day at work. A language which contains a passionate cantor, flowing pronunciation, and the emotion. Not bad. Tomorrow more fun at a U.N. conference. A great opportunity for some neat information. After an afternoon at Università Cattolica its walled gardens open to my exploration. Friday a barbecue at the marine house, and Saturday a Farwell to a brave man. A man who is headed off to serve his country in a strange new land, Godspeed Sir.

This week has been a week of farewells and solemn thoughts. Alex, Adam, and Kevin are all leaving within the next few days – Greece, Italy, and Africa… what a trip. I’m left with only one other American intern. I’m concerned… I feel outnumbered and in a difficult position. Eleven female interns, ten of which are Italian… cornered – what shall I do? I guess its time to break out the dancing card.

My roommates are doing very well, Nico works hard, Leo and Kim study for their exams and are enjoying their classes. Nico made tortellini come funghi. Tonight, which is just as good as it sounds, tortellini al dente con funghi, picante (peperoncino) e salsa verde. Bello! We scarfed it down just in time for a glass of wine and a Napolese special – Beer and coke together. Sounds strange but if you get the mix just right it’s a sweet, sugary beer which perfectly mingle both tastes.

On Sunday I’ll cook an American meal, Kevin got me some Bacon and six Chuck eye steaks… so good. So I’m doing steak, eggs and bacon. I was thinking maybe I’d also do pork chops and bacon. Having American steak is amazing. I can’t express how excited I am to have American tasting beef.

Back to the American crowd. Tuesday night we went out to Gánas – which is a Mexican (ohh hell yeah) restaurant here in Milan. Its located in corso Como and unfortunately is rather expensive. But the Mexican food is on par with the best I’ve had in the U.S. and mexico. Dinner cost 25 euro which was a lot of my budget, however it was the last chance I had to have dinner with Alex, Adam and Kevin together. P.S. order the Fajitas.

I worked out on Monday and Wednesday and tried doing the bench press. I was stoked to discover I could do three sets of twelve reps of 125 lbs I think next week I’ll try 150 or more and see where I have to reduce (12 – 10 – 8). I’m stoked I figured I could bench at most 40-70 lbs.

I’m excited to have my superior back in office and get some progress done on the projects I was working on whilst he was away.

Each time I wander my way home I am reminded that I am in Italy, I am in Milan. it is difficult to remember at times because each city is very different but at the same time, so much the same.

In Italiano! Solo! Io ho bisogno di praticare mi italiano. Sono cosi cosi con grammatica ma e piú dificile per me i struttura e i articoli. No lo so che faro. Ma quando io parlare… parlare buona. Oggi io ho fato chiamare a italiani per il departemento consulare… e molto divertente e buon practica per mi parlare. Ma, e piú importante aggiungere parole a mi vocabulario.

Penso che é dificile per me a apprendo piú grammatica fra i giornale ho letto. I giornale usa vocabulari e anche grammatica e conjugazione c’é molto dificile a capire.

Gli Italiano é piú bella, con un passo passionata e forte ma anche con molto intonazione. Anche le ragazze sono piú bella. A me piace due ragazze piú di altri. Forse in il futuro andare con loro.

A, Mi dispiace per i errori in miei italiano, io apprendere lento.

Ciao tutti, a domani.