For those of my readers who have been following my adventures and wondering – why can’t I do that? Well here’s a blog just for you. I’ve taken my expenses from my time here in Milan and complied them for those who are interested. Unfortunately for my engineering friends I can’t figure out how to make WordPress MSOffice Excel compatible so you’ll have to deal with Microsoft word formatting. Sorry kids.

I’ve posted estimations of my costs as I don’t have all receipts (some cash transactions for lunch/dinners went without receipts or receipts were lost. As a rule I’ve guessed on the higher end. In addition I’ve not been living the thriftiest lifestyle; I’m here to take advantage while still traveling as cheaply as I can manage. That said I’ve made sure that if it’s something I might regret not seeing, I’ve spent the money and gone. As a final addendum I am a student and as such have a picture id from my university which has STUDENT printed in big bold letters. This single item has been the greatest boon to my living on the cheap. It provides free entry into museums, Universities, major discounts ranging from food to mass transit (I get an all access urban pass for 17 Euro a month). Even if you’re no longer a student having a photo document from your former university or summer community college ID is worth it.

Here are my costs for a 1 month and the total 3 month breakout:

3 months rent + 2 month deposit (350 Eur/Mo). Total cost 1800

Electricity split – 13.50 Eur/2 Mo.

Gas split (6 Mo intervals) 32.45

Rent and Housing (electricity/gas) for 3 months at 10 minutes from Duomo = 1845.95 Euro x 1.31 = 2418.95 USD

5-8 Eur for lunch 5 days a week for 3 mo – 176 Eur/Mo – (528 Eur – 3 Mo)

45 Eur/week supermarket 4 weeks per month = 180/Mo. 3 Mo = 540 Eur

Assorted eating out costs – Appertivi, dinners, drinking, Metro and Train tickets 10-60 Eur / week = at maximum 240 Eur/mo = 720 EUR for 3 months

Clothing – Two shirts and lightweight jacket – 65 Eur


Dance Shoes: 65 Eur

Dance lessons 30 Eur Inscription fee and 10 Eur per week: 40 Eur + 11wks x 10 Eur = 110 Eur Total: 150 Eur/3mo

Total Living costs 3mo:
1845.95E – Housing
528+540 = 1068E – Food
720E – Eating out, parties, clubs, etc
130E – Clothing/Shoes
150E – Dancing & lessons
3913.95 Eur x 1.31 = 5127.27 USD At maximum

With averaged costs:

3433 Eur X 1.31 4498.27 USD
– 750 Deposit = 2683EUR X 1.31 = 3514.73 USD or 1171.57 per month.

Pretty reasonable: especially when you compare to the costs of living back at home in the U.S.

Car insurance $122/mo

Rent 450 + 2mo deposit 120 electricity + 35 for Water/trash/sewer ($1055)

$40-50/week Groceries

30-50/wk for eating out

40-60 for club cover and drinks etc

100/2wks gas = 1267

Then add discretionary costs like:

Internet/Cable– 25-50/mo

T.V. 25-30/mo

Cell phone costs 50-150/mo

Is around $1367/Mo ($200 more /mo) or $4101 ($587 more) per 3/months ($5385 including rent deposit). And these estimates are based off a conservative calculation using the lowest costs out of each of those estimates. With that in mind I’m living comfortably overseas for $900 less (3mo) than I would in the U.S. What’s more is that the figure includes my access to the city and Italy through cheap trains and mass transit. For those of you who are considering spending time overseas take this to heart. In addition contemplate that I am also living in the Richest per capita area in Europe (Milan and Veneto) – the financial capital of Italy, and its main industrial center thus my expenses here are even more than you might find elsewhere..
Hope this helps you think about your options!

Ciao Tutti!