Journal entry, April 4th 2009,

Milan – Lecco:

Today was beautiful, with sun throughout the morning and a light cloud cover through the afternoon. It was simply magnificent. I started this morning with a hot shower, some cold water on the rocks and a breakfast of peanut butter (heck yes!) and nutella. After that I had a chat with my room mates, wrote a little and then headed out into the city.

I had a train to catch and made it to the station just in time to receive an SMS telling me to take the next one. I waited for the train and got a good seat. As the two level train left the station it dropped into the tunnels and headed out of Milan. I was on my way! The train headed to Monza outside of the city and then on to Lake Como and the gorgeous town of Lecco. Better yet, I was to spend the entire afternoon and evening with a beautiful woman. I was antsy in my seat…excited and restless. I arrived at the stop and hopped off the train, sent a txt to my escort and waited outside the station. She arrived and off we went to pick up a date for her friend as well. Together the four of us sped off on the Autostrada to Lecco. Lecco is the town facing Como – where George Clooney lives (name dropping) – its picturesque…set into the mountains on the shores of Lake Como. With multi-colored homes and long lakeside pedestrian and car paths the city is a perfect Italian village.

As we arrived we were surprised to find a motorcycle rally taking place (Street bikes) and in addition, a student’s fundraiser for young children. The bicyclists were ages 8-14 and racing for their cause. Excited Italian parents shouted and screamed as their children sped past.

We continued our walk along the lakeside, stopping here and there to rest in the sun along the water.

The four of us Lakeside on Lake Como

After we returned to the heart of town, we took the car and headed over to another small town. When we arrived, we found a gelatoria and sat by the lakeside enjoying the quiet lap of waves, the noise of ducks scuttling around and our company. Later, we headed back into Milan. I ate dinner and am preparing for my trip to Biella tomorrow early morning.






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