Dubrovnik to Montenegro!

Dubrovnik to Budva Montenegro:

I caught the bus from Dubrovnik to the border town of Hercei Novi in Montenegro. The man who had ran the private accomadation I was staying in had recommended to try that instead of taking the Croatian direct bus. I boarded my bus after a bus ride to out of the old city and down to the bus and ferry terminals on the far side of the city. From the bus station I found my bus and boarded, having just enough time before the bus left to strike up a conversation with an Aussie and Brazilian who were also headed to Budva. We rode along the Croatian coast toward Montenegro. After a slow boarder crossing and unfriendly bus attendant I was stoked to get out of the Croatian bus and find a Montenegran bus with a large placard stating: Budva. Happy and ready to be on my way, I grabbed my bags from the storage bin under the bus and hopped on the Montenegran bus.

The bus was ancient, the driver and his attendant in faded hawaiian shirts, the windshield cracked, the airconditioner pulled apart and to top off the experience there were spider’s happily in their webs in the corners of the windows. None the less it was 4 euro cheaper than the direct coach. We rode along, and it took me about 15 minutes to realize the crew hadn’t shut the door. I then looked closer and realized the door had no glas in it and was in fact closed. I chuckled to myself and enjoyed the jumpy ride around the beaches and towns of Montenegro.

We passed through Kotor, Tivat, and then arrived safely in Budva. I met up with the Aussie Gentleman and the Brazilian girl again and we decided to explore together seeking the hostel. We ended up taking a taxi (who ripped us off) – asking for 10 euro instead of the 2 it should have cost. We found the hostel booked to the brim and instead decided to wander up the street seeking another apartment. We found Saki’s Apartments up the street, marked with a Red Jeep Wrangler. Saki was in Podgorica and we spoke to his wife through sign language and arabic numbers. we arranged the room for 30 euro a night (10 each) for a master ensuite with another room containing two twin beds. Dropping our bags, we headed into the city. we walked down to the water and then along the beach to the old city. Famished we took a break at a cafe and got a huge hamburger for 5 euro – made of sausage not beef. from there we headed into the old city in search of an information desk. we wandered the city and explored the walls, impressive but nothing compared to the granduer of Dubrovnik. we slipped back into the city and found the information desk, getting information on day trips and exploring Montenegro. we then headed back to the hotel, rested and met Saki, a very kind fellow who was friendly and eager to share his home with us. He told us his wife would make us dinner for 5 euro each. we took him up on the offer and met down in the restaurant. we had a plate of rice with diced salad and beef. dinner over we were offered a little bit of a home made wine spirit (40-50 proof) we drank and then headed in to get a good nights sleep. The next morning Saki had offered to drive us up to Ostrag Monastery. It was hard to sleep knowing we would have a car and personal tour of Montenegro!



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  1. AlexBerger Avatar

    Your recount of the bus ride is incredible. It literally had me laughing out loud. It sounds like one heck of an adventure!

  2. AlexBerger Avatar

    Your recount of the bus ride is incredible. It literally had me laughing out loud. It sounds like one heck of an adventure!

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