Dubrovnik is a city which is literally from the 8th centruy. With Giant reinforced battlements and reinforced crenallations and fortifications the old city of Dubrovnik is spectacular to say the least. At every turn and every view inside the city there is a feeling of living in a medieval fortress.

The great stone walls surround a city chock full of churches, shops, and most importantly croatian people. Although a touristy destination Dubrovnik still retains its Croatian charm. Wandering the city I discovered a little cafe poised outside the battlements in the rocks called the Cold Drink Cafe and had a Coca cola sitting outside the walls on the sharp rocks poised over the crashing waves. The struggle between the castle and the sea was beautiful in sound, smell and view.

From there I headed up onto the city walls and toured the city from above, looking down inside on the red roofed homes and narrow defensive streets. A gorgeous example of construction and defense mixed into a city. As I wandered down near the cathedral I was nearly run over by a group of six cars blaring their horns and waving Croatian Flags. Confused I looked around and noticed a large procession leaving the cathedral, I’d just become a part of a Croatian wedding. The procession left the chuch and headed down through the city, singing and chanting. The live music and cheerful atmosphere coaxed me to follow the procession down into the city and to explore the joys of Croatian celebrations.

I’d found a small Sobe (apartment) run by a local croatian family and decided to stay there. I’d negotiated the price from 170kuna to 100 kuna per night which was a steal as the hostel was nearly 188 kuna per night. I got my own room, small but safe and access to hot water (not sharing with a hostel haha) and peaceful quiet. I managed a dinner of salami, lemons, water and bread and wandered home. I decided to stay in for the night and slept off my worries about travel and my computer.

Come sunday morning I was up and ready to walk about. I made my way back through the city, wandered about and decided to take advantage of a computer Cafe. Thats where I am right now, Sunday afternoon at 12:30 working on catching up on these blogs and trying to upload foto’s.



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