Well, for starters please excuse my grammer and typıng errors. Ill have to come back through when Ive got a word edıtıng program and fıx them but as ıt stands ım a lıttle SOL haha. So Im typıng ın the browser on a foreıgn keyboard. No excuse I know! Ahh well.

Edirne is a beautiful city, small and compact while having a strong turkish character. With its great mosque dominating the skyline, turkish bath and long indoor bazaar Edirne was a good entry point to turkey. Its just right to ease yourself into turkish culture without feeling overwhelmed and the population, dominated by the university of 20,000 students provides a younger crowd. Although there isn’t much nightlife in Edirne the beauty of the city and the strong turkish character combined with its historical value as the Turkish capital before constantinople was captured make the city a gem in northern turkey. in addition it has influences from both the greek ( the city was once called Adrianoupolous after its founder Hadrian) and its bulgarian borders.

I settled into my favorite spot in Edirne – the London Cafe centrally located outside the city’s bazaar and placed directly next to the memorial fountain. the bronze center piece is gorgeous. on each side facing down the main street are a man and a woman in casual-semi formal dress. one side they are offering an olive branch and on the other they are releasing doves. Beautiful. I had my first Turkish coffee there – served with its own tin and pewter service it was excellent. it far outweighs the coffee ive had in Istanbul. in addition I became a fan of the apple tea.

I spent a good portion of my two days louging in the chairs by the fountain and watching turkish children and adults wander through the main street. children playing in the water of the fountain and college age folks meeting, talking, playing, and eating. a great cultural introduction.

The Health museum in Edirne is something to see. Small and under restoration it is still a must. filled with period manniquins demonstrating the schooling and practice of medicine hundreds of years ago it is excellently designed and pieced together. I hope you enjoy my foto’s from my Edirne Album on Facebook.

The Mosque itself is simple but beautiful, clean clear caligraphy and geometric designs wash over the cieling and body of the mosque while the quiet carpeted floors offer a brief respite from the cold hard cobblestone streets outside.

the Turkish bath consists of the traditional rooms, cold, warm, and Hot. I got a tour and will definitly get a bath when I return to Edirne on my way to Sofia. it looks amazing.

I spent my last night in Edirne with two turkish girls, who had edged their way closer to my table as I enjoyed my tea. they abashedly asked if they could join me to practice their english. I was happy for the company and we talked for a good hour or two before they suggested we head to a blues club. I headed out with them and they treated me to a pint. On the whole, good conversation, warm company and good beer.

I wandered home around midnight and prepared for my 6am trek to the train station at the far reachs of Edirne. I was headed to Istanbul!






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