Rijeka 2 – Bashka

Rijeka – Pt. 2 Baska.

We woke and walked Rijeka early Sunday morning, the square was quieter and although I’d been frustrated with a serious lack of working internet I was excited to be out and traveling with the parents. We’d decided the night before to explore Baska and make our way down to the southern tip of the Island of KrK. We caught our bus around mid morning and took the bus down the island shores. The bus ride’s here have been exceptional, beautiful scenery – long slow winding roads with stops in little wayside villages that you’d never have a chance to see without a car and the desire to wind back into the valleys and mountains.

The green valleys with slick gray rock erupting in piles strewn throughout the low olive groves and farming areas lends northern Croatia a strong Greek feeling. Passing through beautiful red tile roofed town after town we finally crossed a valley and delved down into the opening gully toward the ocean. Baska (Bashka) is a picturesque ancient village nestled on the edge of a natural cove in the island. With narrow winding streets and colorfully painted homes it is the epitome of Adriatic beauty.

The beaches are a mixture of sand and stone, we wandered enjoying the Croatian scenery and people and then grabbed lunch at a small tourist restaurant on a raised street toward the center of the port. Having enjoyed the sun and culture, we headed back to Rijeka and wandered about the city.

Mum and I headed out for a café to celebrate Mothers day, and we stumbled upon a salsa bar. I spent the night dancing with Croatian women and listening to a myriad of languages being tossed back and forth and cultures mixed and interacted.

A beautiful night complete I wandered back to the hotel and prepared for relaxed Monday exploring the suburbs of Rijeka. We headed out to Opatjia and explored the city on Monday. But more on that Later.



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