Rijeka Pt. 3 – Opatjia

Opatjia was a wonderful city, built on the ocean with a sprawling open stone beach and cement platforms reaching out into the bay. We walked through the city and then proceeded down to the waterside. we found a bench beside the water and to the right of part of the port and sat down for some drinks and food. feeling refreshed we took a boot shot in honor of Virtual Wayfarer and then headed on toward into a converted private residence which had now become a park. As we sat in the park overlooking the sea, a tour boat circled by, its bullhorn blaring and the tourists trapped aboard unable to enjoy the sight or sounds of the water, only the view and the noise of a roaring engine fighting a bullhorn for dominance. The boat passed and we continued on through the city down to the water. We walked along the beaches and then I found comfy spot on the dock and slipped my feet into the cool, refreshing Adriatic water. I took a nap on the dock and then we decided to head back into Rijeka.



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