Split is a city with strong reminiscence of R.A. Salvatore’s books. Ancient old city, formed around a port with roman ruins, beautiful bell tower and gorgeous worn marble streets. Split is a city where you can stay for a week, like Dubrovnik its the atmosphere and the sights that really enthrall you. From the park on one edge of the city to the night clubs lining the beach on the other side of the port. It is an experience that is unforgettable.

I arrived in Split with my parents, saddened as this would be our last night together. We discovered a small Croatian family who was renting out their apartment a few minutes from the old city. Leaving our packs locked in our rooms we headed out to explore the old town of split and find a hostel for me to move into come Thursday. That evening we had a blessed dinner at a small Konoba the food was excellent and the company superb. Dad ordered his first (FIRST!!!) bottle of red wine and we had a splurge of a dinner together. Mum and Pa retired early and I left to join a group of Brits and Aussies who were headed out.

I’d met them earlier on Wednesday and we’d decided to explore the nightlife of split that night. We wandered through the streets and passed a small bar named Pulse and then headed up to another known as Ghetto. Ghetto was an artsy quiet place full of Croatians, Aussies, and backpackers. We fit right in and ordered a round. Sitting in Ghetto we started talking to the Croatian girls beside us and the waitress Mia. From raunchy jokes, to meeting a young man from Scottsdale who was studying in Moscow the evening was a treat and absolute pleasure. I meandered home around 2am and fell into bed.


We woke Thursday early around 7 am and got ready for the day. I took a quick shower and we walked the city again. Mom, Dad, and I. Together we explored above the city and toward the newer town. From there we headed back to the apartment gathered our bags and I went to check into the hostel while they went and checked their bags for the ferry that night to Ancona. I arrived at Split Hostel (highest recommendations on the hostel! It was a treat) and checked in. 110 kuna lighter and with my bags locked away, my bed made, and my mind prepared to work I plugged in my computer and discovered that it wasn’t working properly. What I found out three days later and 200 kuna poorer was that the ac in jack connected to my motherboard had fried (apparently a common problem with dell’s of that model) and that I’d have to have it fixed over the weekend (impossible as I was planning on leaving Saturday for Dubrovnik). Aggravated at my computer problems I joined my mum and dad on the boardwalk (rivera) down to the right of the port. We watched the ocean and talked about writing and work. We knew we’d be parting and were a little down.

From the Rivera we made our way back to the little Konoba which had treated us so well the night before and had a wonderful dinner of mixed grilled meats and Spaghetti Carbonara. Dinner completed we left and took a walk down toward the ferry. We found a bench alongside the port and shared Cigar. At 7:30 we headed to the ferry and I saw them off as they entered customs and then again as they walked into the gaping cavern of the ferry. I knew they’d have a blast in Italy and a safe trip home, and waving one last time I headed back to the Hostel to prepare for a night out on the town.

Thursday evening around 9:30 I joined some of the blokes from the hostel and got ready to head out. We first went to an Irish pub and from there I headed on to a club on the beach called Tropic. Every Thursday night Tropic had a Latin night and I was in luck because as I wandered along the beach I heard the salsa music and wandered in. The Salsa community was ecstatic to find a young man who knew a little bit of salsa and immediately accepted me into the fold. I spent the evening dancing and had a table of Croatians buy me my drinks. It was a great compliment and an amazing experience. I wandered home at 2 am and prepared for Friday!

I spent most of friday trying to fix my computer and more interesting still wandering the newer city looking for a computer repair shop. I found one and as I said above wasted hours and 200 kuna for a fix that didn’t fix the problem. Only to be told I’d need to replace a chip on my Mother board that could only be done on Monday – apparently the shop that sells the chips was closed. That disappointment and my morning wasted I headed back to the city and wandered through the streets and parks. I headed to the beach for a bit and hung out with four east coast American who I’d run into at the Hostel.

That evening we got together on the courtyard and decided on our plans, two Canadian girls, some Aussies and we Americans all gathered and decided to first hit up the Irish pub for a Guinn. Then I chatted up a table of Croatian girls and spent a good portion of the evening talking with them. From the Irish pub we headed out to the beach for Club Ecuador. We danced and wandered home early in the morning.

I checked out and caught my bus after one last walk through the northern park with the giant statue and along the Riviera and then wandered to the bus station to catch the four hour ride to Dubrovnik.