Train to Padova!

The Train to Padova:

Electric plugs on Trains? In second Class? Hot damn this is great! We board our regional train from Verona to Venice – stopping In Padova for 4.20 euro a person. Not bad, we get on the train and find that not only is the train better quality but we lucked out, our second class car has power plugs built into it. Pretty spiffy. More so it allows me time to sit and write this blog.
Now on to a darker subject. The bathrooms on this train are weird. Just plain weird. Here’s why, the toilet is automatic but without a motion sensor or a way to flush by manual. The seat is a perfect circle with a long plastic raised piece bolted arching over the round circle. This form prevents you from sitting comfortably but instead you’ve got to sit half poised on the available semi-ciricle. This combined with the fear that you can’t flush the darn thing leads you to think about rushing into the station at the next stop. Then you unlock the door and a flurry of noise and motion catches your attention. The seat begins to rotate, the arch sprays water and washes down the seat and then the entire toilet flushes. All tied to an electrical circuit cut by unlocking the door.
Now that’s a trip. Satisfied it works you can rest easy. Still the design may be cool and maybe a little more sanity (maybe) but it leaves the set wet and there’s no way to properly sit on the damn thing.
More from Padova once we’ve found our hotel!






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