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Plitvice, Zadar, Split!

Plitvice –

Plitvice is a beautiful park which is built around the Plitvice lakes. the lakes are formed by a series of natural dams which have blocked the progression of the water. the constant push and overflow of these dams causes a progressive series of waterfalls framed by crystal clear blue and green waters, lush undergrowth and colossal trees reaching skyward.

We arrived from the 6 am bus at 8:15 and began our walk toward plitvice unsure of where to go. As we worked our way through the entrance of the park we searched for a place to drop our bags, we headed on toward the park entrance and found plitvice hotel – a spot where we could drop our baggage for free and then walk on into the park lighter and prepared to enjoy the beauty of the parks.

We bought our tickets and waited for the tram to take us up into the lakes and waterfalls. the tram wound us up and around the lakes to point 4 we then commenced our trek down along the lakes and waterfalls toward Pt 2. The hike took us from 9am until 2:15 and every minute of our time was unbelievable. the boardwalk snakes through the lakes, spanning the lakes, running along the banks, and at some points even pushing through the waterfalls themselves.

The park is one of the most beautiful areas Ive ever seen. When I can recover my pictures I’ll post them. I’ve got around 500 fotos and 24 minutes of video to share!






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