Venice – Update 1

We pulled into Venice San. Lucia around 11am and disembarked from the cavernous train. As we waited for a chance to step off the train through the narrow doorways I spied a large red backpack with a Canadian emblem emblazoned on the back flap. I started chuckling to myself considering the size of the not one, but two large Canadian flags stitched to the rear of the pack. The chuckling caught the interest of the two younger girls and as we walked from the train into the station we struck up a conversation. After a bit we ended up going through the tourist information lines together and they decided to stay at the same hotel we’d chosen in Venice. Together we wandered the outer streets and found our Hotel Rosa tucked into the corner alley.

The 3 star hotel, demoted to 1 star for renovations which occurred over the winter was beautiful. We stowed our luggage and headed down to the lobby to explore with our Canadian friends. We walked the city and had a chance to see a good portion of it. Venice is amazing… no matter where you turn or what you see every corner, inch and tiny hole is full of character… and shops.

Our Canadians were in Trieste the weekend before for a major marathon that the girls had helped fundraise for. Now they were on their way exploring as much of Italy as they could.

St. Marks is Awe inspiring to say the least. The intricacy of the tile work on the ceilings and walls and on the floors just blows you away. Millions of gold tiles and inlaid marble patterns adorn every square inch of the place.

Outside the columns, bell tower, live classical music and street performers complete the scene perfectly. it’s without a doubt one of the coolest cities I’ve been in. However, I don’t think it would be right for me.

After St. Mark’s we headed on to see the Peggy Guggenheim museum of modern art, and from there we walked on to discover a completely different side of Venice.

The most interesting part of Venice that we discovered was along the outer coast where the Jewish Ghetto was located. Without tourists the quiet walk along the cost through the Ghetto was tranquil and offered a beautiful example of the city before tourism.

our last night I ran out with the girls to see St. marks lit at night and took video of both the waterfront, church and of course the musicians. We took a Targhetto a short gondola used for quick passage across the canals without the need of a bridge and headed back into the central city.
The view from the Rialto at sunset with the orange of the sky reflected in the ancient buildings and across the river compounded with the reflective glare of the polished silver gondola tails is a sight to behold. I’d recommend 100% to take the walk and wait for that view. With a rose and someone to share it with, it’s a shame to miss it.
We left Venice, said goodbye to our Canadians (with the hope of meeting them in the UK) and headed on to Trieste the next morning at 9:23!






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