We took the 9:23 regional train from Como to Milano Pta. Garibaldi for 10.80 Euro. Regional commuters make traveling across Italy reasonable – outside of these trains transport like everything else tied to the euro is pressing our budget to its limits. We’re getting a feel for travel costs and associated hotel costs.
In a way I’m excited to reach out and start hostelling I feel alienated from the underground life of the cities because I’m tied to hotels and its harder for me to wander into a local pub and meet others my age. Still I wouldn’t trade this time with my parents for anything.
We walked from Pta. Garibaldi to Corso Como and then down Corso Garibaldi to Cairoli, there we found a big outdoor athletics store and picked up a daypack so I could get rid of the heavy laptop bag I’d been lugging around. Bag in hand we headed to the local supermarket and then took the metro back to Pta. Garibaldi. We met our train on Platform 13 and started the long trip east toward Verona. Between napping on the train and eating lunch we crossed northern Italy and arrived in the midpoint at Verona. The train station at Pta. Nuova is a bit outside of town, located outside the original and extended roman walls. We walked from the train station for about 20 minutes into town, locating a small hotel off to the side of the main drag for 80 euro (for three). The room was quiet and still and we dropped our gear and did a round-about view of Verona’s main square. The architecture here is beautiful. Classic wrought iron balconies evoke memories of reading Shakespeare’s classic Romeo and Juliet. Bright paint brings the buildings to life and add’s character to every nuance of the construction. Tosi has done wonders keeping the city clean. Ordinances against eating in public, in front of monuments, bathing in fountains, and littering with fines from 250-1000 euro have kept the city clean and engendered a sense of order and propriety among the citizens.
With its churches and functional Roman period Arena Verona’s heart is picturesque and functional. Small streets prevent heavy vehicle traffic while the abundance of shops and small areas to rest and enjoy the city make it pedestrian friendly, a nice change from the cramped quarters of Bergamo’s high city.
After a brief shopping spate in PAM (super mercado) we headed home, cooked up some grub and took a break. Then Dad and I headed out to the city center to enjoy Verona alle sera. Che Bella! Io penso di Gabriella, e anche manca lei… specialmente perché io ho penso di fumare con me padre al centro di Verona. Siamo deciso andare senza fumare ma ancora io ho pensata lei.
Va bene, Milano, Bergamo, Milano, Como, Cernobbia, Como, Milano, Verona in l’ultimo tre giorni. Veramente difficile ma anche troppo viaggio per questi vecchio corpo. Hahahaha. Le chiese in Bergamo Alto e le piú belle che io ho visto, incluso il Duomo. Siete essere bellissima e anche vicino troppo intricati. Ma, quando noi abbiamo ritornato a Milano io ricordato la città e già mancala.
Ma, Già stanco, penso che ora sia per tempo a dormi! Ciao!!






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