I left Warsaw the next day, still pissed at the event at the train station. I’d blown off some steam by going out dancing in Warsaw (salsa of course) and was prepared for a decent journey on to Augustów and Lipsk. I was returning to my ancestral roots, one of the oldest cities my aunt who does our genealogical tree has found.

I grabbed the evening train and arrived at Augustów station around 11pm. Much to my dismay (and continued anger against poland) the train station at Augustów is 4km, yes FOUR kilometers from the city. That combined with a locked and dark train station and lack of phones or any way to call or find a taxi lead to my wonderful walk to the city center. 4km and about an hour later walking in full gear (my two packs and thin clothing) in northern polish weather – Cold, dark, Drizzly, left me cold and a little upset. I did manage to listen to my Ipod which made the walk much more bearable. However, Polish signs + dark road + no idea what the town looks like + no place to stay = Very nervous walk.

I arrived at the city and walked another KM into the center, I passed the cities two hotels and tried their receptions – one the door outside was locked and no one answered to door bell or heavy knocking. the second had lights on but had no answer, once again to heavy knocking, yelling and a bit of frustration at the impossibility of Hotels with closed receptions, despite it being around 12:30am. I made my way into the city park and found myself a bench near the bus station (well lit) and laid down to nap for a while. I woke again around 2 am… it was way too cold. So I wandered until I found a Bank with a separated area for its ATM. I stepped inside and found that I was the second person with the idea. I wedged myself into my corner of the small space, giving the other man sheltering in the space his area.

I strapped my bags together on my chest and then pad locked the straps together putting the key in my back pocket and then lying on my side against the wall. Sheltered from the wind, light rain and cold temperature I dozed until around 5 am. I woke and unwound myself before putting myself on the first bus to Lipsk at 6:20 am.

I arrived in Lipsk around 8:10 and started my search for remnants of my family.