Istanbul To Selcuk – Visiting Ephasus (Efes)

Boarding my night bus, munching away on my stuffed mussels I found my seat next to the window and settled in. Wedging my backpack against the cool glass, adjusting the vents to make sure I’d get some fresh air during the trip and sliding my feet up to my shins under the seat in front of me. Then I grabbed my long sleeved shirt and waded it up to make up the difference between my lower back and the seat.

The bus departed and we started winding our way out of Istanbul. Two hours later we boarded a ferry and started across to the Asian side of Istanbul. and hour after that we left the city. we made one final stop and picked up a full fledged family. starting at what must have been 5 months old and going to eight five children and their beleaguered parents boarded the bus. Thinking nothing of the occurrence I wedged myself closer to the window and fell back asleep. less than 10 minutes later the choir began. it started as a gurgle, then proceeded to two full hours of screaming. pacifier or no, this kid had lungs the size of the Hindenburg, and just like that fabled airship, this voyage had just crashed and burned in terms of enjoyability. After the first 10 minutes, realizing I was in for a long night I grabbed my Ipod and maxed the volume.

an hour later my Ipod died. batteries exhausted, as I had forgotten to charge it for over a week and a half. an hour later the first child finally quieted down, and then as if on Que the second half of the opus began. between the screams of the two older children fighting and the wails of the second youngest, I had the pleasure of being kept awake by screeching, screaming, yelling, and arguing Turkish children. 8 hours later I’d nearly lost my mind – I climbed off the bus and ran as fast as I could from the station. 8 AM and already tortured.

I found my way to my tour guide’s office, had three huge glasses of tea and waited for the bus that would take me to Ephesus. Already exhausted and ready for some reprieve, the calm and tranquility promised by the walk and guide through Efes was at the top of my list.

I had my Turkish breakfast, a hard boiled egg, cucumber, salad, olives, and carrots all mixed together. With the egg as a stand alone centerpiece.

The bus arrived and I boarded with six girls from Malaysia two girls from the east coast and another American. The tour rumbled the 4 klicks out to Ephesus and then we disembarked and headed through the entry to the park: Our first view was of the royal part of the city, then we walked down past the baths toward the temples, and the great central fountain.

From there we headed down into the commercial area of the city and found the reconstructed library of Celsius –

The theater:
Ephasus Theater

Pillars leading toward the Port:
Pillars toward port - Ephasus


Dock street:

Ephesus was a quick run through taking a little over two hours to see the entire city. from there we headed out for buffet lunch and then we visited the Artemis temple. after seeing the ruined columns of Artemis temple (burned down on the day of Alexander the Great’s birth) we headed up into the hills to visit the home in which Mary, Mother of God was said to have spent her final days in St. Johns care.






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