Dublin Finishing up.

After our Wicklow tour we headed back to the hostel and decided to spend the rest of our time enjoying Dublin and the folks we’d met in the hostel.

We wandered out the next day and made our way through the city with three lovely English girls we’d met before.



And Hannah & Alex:

Alex and Hannah

and last but not least Lizzie:


As you can see Lizzie became quite acquainted with Miss Molly Malone famed Lady of the Night and fish monger of Grafton street Dublin.

As we continued our adventure we discovered an amazing monument to those who fell during the Irish potato famine. With eerie bronze statues moving slowly on their treacherous route toward the port, life, and opportunity.

Canadian monument to the Irish

And last but not least: A police convention in the middle of the street

Motorcycle Garda

And finally the Irish predilection to keepin’ clean.







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