Dublin to Edinburgh

We left the Kinlay House mid-morning the next day. We arrived at Dublin International airport around 12:30 and then made our way through security and check-in to arrive at the terminal. We had a few hours of spare time so we got out Alex’s little Eee PC and started watching Ironman. About 3/4 of the way through the movie there was an announcement about the change of gate from D68 to D63. We packed up and moved to the new terminal, now firmly at the back of the boarding queue. We got our bags through security and headed onto the tarmack. Climbing aboard the plane we found a tight fight and settled in to Ryan Air’s signature cramped yellow seats.

The plane landed an hour and some odd minutes later in Edinburgh International Airport. Without security or customs, we walked into Scotland and entered the UK. We crossed the threshold after getting some quick internet information about the address of our hostel, bought our bus tickets and then headed into the city.

We arrived at one of the most… interesting hostels I’ve see so far. Alex described it as Granola. I’d call it artistic to a measure. All the interiors were decorated with different murals…some quite competent, some a little lurid, and others stunningly beautiful. I’ve got a few foto’s from the hostel posted in my Edinburgh album on Facebook.

After settling in to our room (complete with a long term guest around the age of 75) we headed for the common room and the computers. We’d both seen Edinburgh before and we decided to wait until the evening to get some night photography of the city. After dark we got a few shots and walked the Royal Mile. We searched out some cheap food. Rounding Princes Street and heading back into *New* Edinburgh we found what we needed and managed some chips and pizza.

We headed back to the hostel and crashed exhausted. The next next day we spent walking around the city. We managed to see the new Harry Potter flick (not too bad) and to get some great foto’s of the Royal Mile. We also double checked our booking with Wild in Scotland. Everything settled we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed in to get some rest.

I managed to find two sets of beautiful new kilt socks. But, despite being thoroughly tempted I didn’t buy another kilt.

We woke the next morning and headed to the tour. We boarded our bus and started one heck of an adventure!






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