Hamburg, Hamburger, haha.

We drove into hamburg around 11:30 pm 23:00… a rough hour. My new friend a talented photographer and videographer name Thomas Zothner took my had, gave me a strong pat on the back and asked me to keep in touch. We’d been driving near 9 hours and had some pretty rough traffick to get through, but we were both energized to be in Hamburg.
I shook his hand once again and started off down the Main bulevard outside the Hamburg Central station. I wandered around a bit until I located a few local police, who offered me a map, and drew my hostel on it (really nice, polite, very cool). I found my hostel (neck deep in a 10-14 year old cheerleading conference that was there) and discovered that it was northern central Germanys holiday times and that the hostel was flooded to the gills with highschool aged Germans and Swedes. I climbed through the masses of children (many of whom with litre steins) and crashed in my room, wiped out from the long days journey.

The next morning I awoke and did a walk along the canals and the lake captured in the heart of Hamburg, walked the docks and the great big central shopping street. Found the red light district and a computer cafe and then finished by purchasing a ticket to Amsterdam for that night at 10:30.

I walked about a bit more, ordered some turkish Adana Kabab, shocked the owner by saying thanks in turkish and then wandered back to gather up my bags.

I cought the bus that night and rode to amsterdam with a Dutch Israeli, 2 Swedes, a Brazilian and 2 24packs of Carlsberg. At 6am we pulled into the ring station just outside of Amsterdam





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