Kinlay House Dublin

The hostel had a bed available for me but it wasn’t free until 2pm. Everything locked up I headed out for a walk about the town, came back, checked up on e-mail and then started chatting and meeting people in the hostel. The common room was great. Open, relaxed and with a constant queue of people waiting for internet it was easy to strike up conversation.

I walked down to the local Spar, picked up some spiced chicken breast and some wonderful meatballs (from which I made a sandwich) and then took a rest before heading out.

That night I met three Danes traveling, two Israelis and some Brits. We headed out to a local pub, armed with free sample waivers and ready for a good time. We did some pretty funny dancing, had a wonderful night and returned to the hostel around 2am. It had been a long day.

I woke up the next morning, caught breakfast of toast and jam with some hot coffee and then waited. Bored I decided to head outside and went for a little walk around Christchurch. I returned to the hostel and waited for Alex to arrive. Around 12:30 he showed up and armed with a flying tackle I welcomed him to Dublin. From there we found a bit more food and Alex took a nap to fight off the jet lag. After a brief walk about and the discovery of a local pub with some great older Irish men catching the Irish football game, we headed back to the hostel. I made dinner and then we headed out for a brief run around the pubs with our new Danish friends from Kopenhagen.

That night a huge group of German highschoolers arrived. They provided a great amount of noise and entertainment.






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