I left Prague early the next morning. Taking a comfy bus across the border and into Germany. I was on my way to Munich. To explore Bavaria. I arrived at the bus station outside Munich and walked down toward the central station. the Metro system has been under rennovation and reconstruction and as such has limited running availibility. I took a picture of the rail map with my camera to use as a reference guide as I walked toward the HoptBahnhof and set off.

I arrived at the Central station around dark, I wandered about the streets packed to the gills with people from every corner of the world stuffed with Bavarian beer. I wound my way around the station and into a dark side street. wandered down past the empty and forboding parking garages to find 4you youth hostel.

I checked in and dropped my gear. Munich it was.

I woke up early the next day and decided that it was time to get some exploring it. I headed out on a day trip my brother had suggested to visit Neuschwanstein castle. Its the castle that Swan Lake was based on and overlook both the river and waterfalls. Its absolutely beautiful.

Getting there was a trip. I woke up early but still managed to miss my rail connection for the tour of the castle. Instead I wound up jumping in a Black Dodge Ram with two americans who were from the Frankfurt base and taking off on a driving adventure to find Fussen and Neuschwanstein.

After experienceing the castle and its surrounding area, complete with an introduction to the mad Ludwigs we headed back to munich, grabbed a nap and then headed out for a few cold drinks. We went to Hofbrauhous and to Augustiner and then wandered about, ending up in the Atomic Cafe and finishing the night in a Hostel bar down the street and across the station from our own.

Alot of interesting people and more so alot of first time travelers.

On my third day, I took advantage of a bit of a lull in the atmosphere and headed out to the BMW WELT exhibit… which was spectacular, from there I wandered my way to the Olympic park with a canadian friend before we headed back to the hostel and prepared for another full night out and a about.

German atmosphere and drinking culture is a whole new experience. The most starteling part of the experience was Englischer garten. More so the straight up nud sunbathing in the Central park.

We were even fortunate enough to have a live show as a drunk man ran up to the bus naked and did his rendition of meatspin.

Truly frightening.

After a day relaxing and witnessing the beauty of BMW and Olympia and German Fraulines, we returned to Augustiner for our last night out. I woke up the next morning and arranged a car (there are agencies in Germany where you call in and ask if anyone is driving your direction). There was a man headed to Hamburg but no connections to Berlin. The train ticket to Berlin was 120 euro and the car was a pleasant 30 euro even.

Eight hours, some Iggy Pop and a few bagels later, we arrived in Hamburg.