I arrived in Prague, Walked through the dark cool night air to my hostel, Dropped my gear, booked three nights and prepared for a good time. I was ready to explore and enjoy. I slept that night and woke the next morning prepared to see prague. I joined with two polish girls I had met on the train ride from hell and we wandered around the center of the city searching for a decent place to get a drink and grab a hot coffee. After a drink in the square listening to a live swing band, we wandered down below Charles bridge and found ourselves a little pub to enjoy a nice hot lunch.

we ordered and ate, talked, and enjoyed the afternoon before continuing on our wander about the city. we managed to make it up into a large park near the Eiffel tower overlook and grab some great shots of the city and Charles bridge before wandering back down into town, discovering some dinner and then splitting up. I wandered back through the streets to my hostel and prepared to go out.

Instead I ended up playing kings cup in the hostel common room with some of the other fellows who were there. we hit the sack and called it a night.

the next day I met up with a young lady from the hostel and we went out for a Bike tour of Prague with a local guide and then wandered the streets until we found an excellent Mexican restaurant.

That night after dinner and a full day exploring the nooks and crannys of prague – from the dessicated hand of a thief who was apparently grabbed by the state of the virgin Mary to the national theatre and the memorial to the men who killed Hitlers second in command – even finding the Fred and Ginger dance building – I decided to go out dancing.

I left the hostel after a quick shower and went out in search of beloved salsa. I found it on the fifth floor rooftop bar of a major shopping center. complete with Bachata, Cha cha cha, Reggeton, and Salsa it was a perfect end-note. To make it even better one of the previous world champions of salsa made an appearance and danced for us. it was absolutely spectacular. such a pleasure.

I headed home and then gathered myself up for the trip out of Prague to Munich.

The next morning I caught my bus to Munich and prepared for German prices.







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  1. AlexBerger Avatar

    How was the Czech Mexican food? Can't talk about those types of things without details!

  2. AlexBerger Avatar

    How was the Czech Mexican food? Can't talk about those types of things without details!

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