Renaissance Fair!

Well folks, It was that time of year. The time to put on some funny clothes and get ready to rock the Ren Faire.

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with some of my costuming choices but I’m a big fan of scotland and more so of havin some fun. In the past I’ve gone a little roguish and let myself go back to wild man status – see EX 01

On the Cliffs of N. Scotland

I’ve even taken to wearing my kilt out to social events (always a hit)

Masquerade Ball

So it should come as no surprise that when given the chance, my brother Alex and I teamed up with a group of our friends for some real Ren Fair fun.

Blue Face Paint

With some blue paint, a few yards of cloth, 3 hours figuring out how to pleat, and a ton of spirit, we headed to the ren fair, and by the time we left, we’d already secured some lucrative job offers.

Scoializing with the locals

From Swords to painted leather masks, the renaissance fair is a place that exemplifies the best of the renaissance while leaving out the horrors of living in the middle ages. Its a great community of artisans and folk who just like working with their hands and crafting. People longing to return to times when they could create and sell something original and not manufactured by the millions.

If you get a chance give it a go. There are a plethora of great acts, both comedy and straight athletic performance. From acrobatics to musical instruments, you can find it there!






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