September 26 – Surprises

So, I’ll gloss over my birthday, since I spent the day curled in a ball in my hut recovering from a ‘food allergy’. Apparently people actually poision people they don’t like here, so any type of stomach upset due to bad food is referred to as gastro-intestinal upset or food allergy. Anyway, antibiotics, vomit inhibitors, tons of oral rehydration solution and two days later, I’m back to 100%.

Had a fantastic text letter from the folks wonderful calls from both Alex and ma-n-pa…although it was cut short by my stomach’s urging. On Monday the twenty sixth we were pulled aside in the afternoon and brought out back of the office. Six of us…on the twenty sixth… pretty fun :). One person from each language group was selected to share a speech during the swear-in ceremony on October 7th. The language groups are nyanga, mambwe, tonga, lunda, kaonde, and bemba! We split up the topics and we were briefed on our audience: dignitaries, the ambassador, and national news. Pretty exciting business! We’re all very excited about it and time is flying by until the seventh. I’m presenting on culture, I’ll share my speech after we’ve given it 🙂






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