Another late night…in bed by 8

Whew, I’m exhausted! Another late night for me. Makes me feel better to use standard time – twenty hours. What a killer weekend and Monday. Got a lot to blog about so let me warm up my blogging thumb with last week. Man did it rush by. Crazy busy… Ha.

So, I’d gotten my soya and was happily back in village with a healthy supply of nutritious soya meal. Thursday came in a blaze of bike riding, repairs and excitement as I rushed to the road, picked up a new – used – rear wheel for my bike, hastily installed it and fastened my rear brake for the first time in nearly a week! Success! Tire in place I raced back to my hut to get some work in. Friday was spent in much the same way, a bike ride, some recuperation, a bit of cooking and a morning of cement mixing and playing in the mud. Now Saturday was a fun day. Spent working with bamboo and knot tying. I built myself a folding stand and then lashed together a slick hanging shelf / table top. After a hard day of sawing and splitting bamboo, picking out splinters and playin’ with designs, I got my shelves hung and cleaned house- I sweep daily… Go figure huh? – then I set to work on the hard stuff.

Heading back to that mixing cement and playing in the mud comment, on Friday I’d laid the foundation work and plastered the walls for my indoor bathing shelter. Saturday I tested it out and found a few flaws to correct- those corrections would come… Monday was the day. There was a low spot in my flooring job that pooled water and my drain pipe was just a touch too short, so trowel and handy bush improvised float in hand I set into my concrete mixing, re- plastered the floor and reshaped it. Then I extended my outlet pipe and reinforced it. With a nail and a hammer and a bit of patience I chiseled out a better run-off groove, re- finished it and sealed the floor. Pretty slick outfit! For a touch of home I nailed in my tuna lid candle holder, made a wire curtain line, and a soap peg.






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