Back on track – Monday fun day!

Man oh man! It feels good to be back on track! So Monday it is huh? Well, today started brutally early, around four am with some unpleasantries. I’ve been fighting the good fight since Friday and here’s hoping today was the last of it. Ors- oral rehydration salts gulped down, I set into work. I planted twenty some odd cloves of garlic and interspersed- inter cropped?- them with my tomatoes and cabbage beds. I’ll have to buy more garlic to finish the process, but it’s a good start. Then taking advantage of my neighbor’s old trash pit, I located some fine dark, composting refuse, that once picked clean of…. Unmentionables, was just right to top my small garden bed. It’s a side bed I built along the length of my house.

By eight my friend and a dedicated hard worker came and finished my insaka- think gazebo. It’s used to cook in, to rest in, to greet visitors in etc. That completed we set to work on the plastering and cementing of my forward facing wall- above my patio area. I’ll need to buy some paint for it, but very soon it’ll be a very slick blackboard for me to write training and general health information on. Another packet of ors and a visit from a local farmer and I set to cooking peeled – yes peeled – pumpkin leaves and soya mix for lunch. Board and insaka finished, garlic planted, and some hard work on my bathing shelter, it was time to turn my attention to my sitting room.

Now I’m stubborn as hell, but I gave in to temptation and rushed my sitting room…whitewashing it before I’d done the proper research. As a result, I didn’t use salt in my mix and I made it too thick. My lesson, a whole room with peeling lime chunks. Today’s solution, a re-match, with me properly prepared. The outcome – a lot of dust and dirt from stripping white wash. Remember, I plastered this room as well. Some lime stains to scrub off of my cement and gorgeous white walls. Not too shabby. Nibbling an icishimu (singular of ifi) I finished the day.






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