October 14. Day three.

Well, to expand on my last post – number nine wire and the ever important empty ‘mealie meal’ sacks. Just about any problem in your village life can be solved with these two items. No sponge? Use a chunk of sack. Need something off the ground? Held together? Reinforced? Number nine wire. Hut too dark? Use the sacks as light reflectors on your roof.

I’m hard at work on my hut. I have my entry room plastered, my bedroom roof covered with plastic to prevent allergens etc, I’m patching my floor and the mortar in my walls. Soon, I’ll add lime to protect and brighten my home. Then, an indoor bathing shelter – to avoid snakes etc- and a nice stove in my kitchen area, plus some elbow grease to build a bookshelf and furniture and we’ll be half way there.

Still, don’t let a little thing like settling in make you think I’m not exploring my catchment. Today I tagged along and assisted in seventy+ child immunizations and covered about eighty klicks of my catchment. I met a ton of people, but needless to say my thighs and calves are exhausted! I’ll be doing that run maybe once a month.

I mean, the pit latrine was almost dangerous since I haven’t built my throne as of yet! Note to self, when exhausted, build in handles. Ha ha. We’ll see how much can get done tomorrow, I have high hopes!






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