Provincial bastion and the joys of renovation

Whew! What a fist day! Let’s get synced up. Last two days I’ve been enjoying the quiet, American, luxurious, slice of heaven, affectionatly known as, drum roll please… The provincial house! Literally a fourteen bed, two bath, kitchen, library, yard, tv lounge area, and wifi. Closest to home I’ve felt since Philly. I had a movie binge, a skype session with the folks, with video, and ate some great food. On Monday we ventured out into the great dark unknown… Food shopping and Zambian bureaucracy. We visited immigration and then got our national alien registration cards! I’m now a legally recognized alien… Pretty sweet! Afterwards we headed over to shoprite, the Zambian grocery store. We loaded up on non perishables and a few other treats and headed back to the house.

Today, we woke up around seven, got ready, the two of us being posted anxiously awaiting the day’s schedule. We loaded up the cruiser and hit the mattress store first, then a quick jog to the hardware shops got us some much needed remodeling supplies- nails, wire, bolt locks, more nails, thick number nine wire, shovel, machete, etc. Our hardware stop complete, we headed over to the open market and bargained and argued for everything from buckets and chitenge material to hoe blades and empty 50 kg sacks. I’ll explain this line item later. Our time in the market complete we returned and it was time to unload. Erin was posted this morning, I drew the afternoon slot. When the truck came back, I loaded up all my stuff and we hit the hardware supplies again for cement and lime. Stocked up we drove out of Mansa, only to realize I’d forgotten to buy jerry cans. Headed back to town, I picked up two twenty litre cans, and one ten liter can. We packed em in and sailed off into the afternoon sun. That evening, we arrived in…… Chisunka!!






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