Time and adventures

So I know I’m playing fast and loose with the chronological order of my blogging, and I’m sorry for that, but that’s the way of catching up right? So I left you admiring my slick new indoor bathing shelter. That puts us at Monday but Sunday was so important! For one I took a bunch of photos of myself! Two, they weren’t just glamour shots. Three, it’s ifishimu season! Four, I biked twenty something km, visited the nearby dam, went to church, visited and met with four different village headmen, greeted like… Well… A lot of people. Got some gorgeous photos, including one of a grandfather and a young boy workiMng together to get a bike across a bridge. Got some fantastic video of a five or seven year old kid riding an adult-sized bike… It’s pretty amazing… Ate ifishimu, visited more, made plans for Monday, got more photos of me eating ifishimu, danced… Had lunch… Napped, danced more, cooked, visited my host, had more ifishimu, and relaxed.

Now by now I know you’re curious about this ifishimu business. Well, here goes, you squemish folks are gonna love their photos and video. Ifishimu are between four and six inches long, range in colour from yellow to black, and spiked – yikes- are sun dried, and best sprinkled with salt water during the process, have a high protein content, actually taste really good…. Any guesses yet? Ha – and eventually would turn into big butterflies… The caterpillars dry quite nicely and end up borderline crunchy and a little like the texture of dried apricots. They taste quite good though, and I must say they’re the best bug I’ve eaten so far. They even beat out termites!

A couple handfuls to go and plans made for Monday, I headed home, cooked dinner, fell asleep just in time for the folks to call. Had a great conversation, nibbled the last of my power bars, thanks Jean and Carole! and headed to bed… Not bad for a Sunday huh?






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