Aha! One mouse down! Three trillion to go…

Seriously, like an inexhaustible supply of rodent-sized protein, and no, I did not eat ‘im. Termites, black ants, caterpillars, dried fish, strange meat I’ll do. Charcoal roasted mouse… No. Well… Not until I run out of those other things. Oo! On a rediculously exciting note, I now have a pet bat. How you poison a bat I don’t know, but how you prevent them from entering I can and will discover. Ha.

On a more serious but less rabid note, today was great if frustrating. I did my identifications, introductions etc. but my audience wasn’t nearly as receptive as the others and there was quite an air of disinterest and distrust… Oh well, another project to address. As for the day’s activities, quite a few! Under five years of age clinic in another zone. Injections and happy, sleepy, suckling infants warm and trusting at their mothers breast thrown into sharp, unexpected, unidentifiable, and soon forgotten pain. Well… Not too soon as my headache attests. Still, its worth the cost, those few seconds prevent a lifetime of suffering.

As for me, I took tallies, did my work, visited a nearby technical school for girls – under construction…which had showers, hot water heaters, flush toilets, electricity…. Pretty sweet… Too bad it’ll be done in a year or two. Oh Well. I’m getting fond of my pit latrine and bucket baths. Visiting and work complete, it was time for the ride home, in the rain! Wooie! Then an evening holed up sorting photos and categorizing the day, a big soya dinner, a hot bucket bath, and off to bed we go. If you’re wondering about this bucket bath business, you fill a bucket with hot water, take a cup, and bathe… Ha. Handy dandy shower… Just raise your arm over your head. 🙂

Love getting mail and hearing about you all! Keep writing, it’s a wonderful part of my village life!






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