Living on the edge… of the perfect life:

Hey all!

What a great day. I’ve had a blast these last few weeks and I love the positive feedback and warm reception to my blogs. It’s greatly appreciated. I love your questions, letters, notes, posts, likes, etc. You guys are great.

This last week has been a whirlwind of activity. Monday and Tuesday was spent working on projects and identifying work, checking in on my spiffy new chairs, (Mumamba zone) about 25k away from my site, talking with my communities, and enjoying the little things…. little things like children singing and dancing, playing in the fields, squealing and yelling, curious faces staring and trying to understand this new stranger who can speak their language. Little things, like wind blowing through Mango trees laden with fruit, afternoon rains and the sounds of frogs and crickets. The soft pitter patter of rain on a grass thatch roof, the tinkling sound as it drips through and plops on my roofing plastic, the cool breeze that rolls through my house and lulls me to sleep in the rainy season heat. Little things, like cooking over a brazier, starting the charcoal with a match and some patience, and then swinging it through the air to ignite it, the thwuft of metal and charcoal passing in a high arc…

Those little things, that make you happy, like digging your hands into dark, rich, loamy soil, that make you smile, like the sound of thunder and the smell of rain in the African bush, that first seedling popping its head through the dirt. Finding a ride at the road, hearing music from back home, visiting the house and experiencing American culture once again. I’m lovin’ it.

I spent Wednesday working forming an organization and teaching the people how to write their constitution. Thursday I was back out in the bush… getting caught in the rain, trekking through the mud, and reaching home in the pitch black, navigating by lightening and familiarity, huddling over my brazier as I dried off and warmed up, snuggling down under my thick blankets. What a wonderful day.

Friday it was off to Mansa. I headed into the big bad city, technology, electricity, shower and running water, the prospect of mail and high hopes and excitement of a Skype conversation with mom and dad, and my brother. I caught a ride in with a couple who ran an orphanage, a safe, clean ride. Then I headed into the city, made my way to the house, settled in, and chilled out. A satisfied, happy man.

More updates later.






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