Beautiful Africa

Africa is beautiful. Not in that corney oh look, a lion, although yes, that is really really cool. But in that enveloping, world changing, life altering way.

That get surprised by a mud pit, fly over your handle bars, break your lamp and bruise two ribs and your thigh, but it’s ok, because as your panting on the ground, checking to make sure your not bleeding or have broken anything, you see Africa. You breathe fresh sweet air, full of life and growing things, you feel dark rich earth filled to the brink with potential. As you gather yourself up, you look at stars you never knew existed, pathways and trails written into the heavens in whites and blue starlight. You see the walkways of God, energy and etherial pathways. You turn your gaze earthward and see fireflies frolicking across tall grass lands. It’s just then that you know this is God’s place.

Bulbs of light, Will-o-wisps and magical splurts of color and sound erupt all around you. Dancing and twirling, flickering in a scintillating euphoria of nature beauty. Orange here, white there, blue reflected from the stars in the rain, slowly being drunk by this land.

Africa my friends is beautiful – its people, cultures, and the land itself. It’s intangible – it’s the sights, smells, tastes and feelings.

It’s the sounds of baby goats racing and playing kit of the rock. It’s toads and crickets singing nature’s songs and lulling you to sleep. Africa brings us back to what technology and development have stolen from us. It brings us back to nature. It’s a place of self discovery where you learn to love yourself. Where you sing and dance because you can’t hold in how wonderful it is anymore.

Africa is.






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