I know I’ve written about this before…but

I know I’ve written about this before,

But Africa is gorgeous. My oh my, it is simply spectacular. Today was one of those rare days where just an hour before sunset, the moon started to rise. Clear, bright, radiant and gleaming above the horizon. It climbed lazily into the sky as the sun was setting. A silver orb of godlike beauty, etched into a fiery red, then pink, then purple African sunset. As the sun bid it’s last adieu, the faithful moon shared her reflection, lighting up the twilight and deep African night with cold tendrils of silvered elegance.

As darkness fell, the semi-silence of sunset was disturbed as the African night life burst…roaring sounds of crickets, frogs, goats, bush babies, and god only knows what other creatures. The fanciful images my mind conjured can’t be real…but who knows? Maybe here in Africa they are! Hahaha

What a wonderful place!



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