Channukah, Christmas and New Years

Christmas and New Years:

Well, Channukah, Christmas and New Years this year were a hoot!

I built a Menorah out of bamboo, and celebrated Channukah in my village, in my hut – then headed in to the provincial house to celebrate Christmas with my fellow volunteers. We danced, we ate, we had a white elephant party ( I got a can of Doom and some magazines ) and we celebrated Christmas with our own AstroTurf tree! I got to dance some salsa and bachata that night as well, which was fantastic! The next day I headed over to another volunteers site (we biked it) and spent two days happily camped out in my hammock, chilling with friends, cooking excellent food, eating mangos and salsa, and relaxing in a foreign village.

Then we were off, we biked back to the office, slipped into our cleaner clothes, grabbed some chow, and hitched out in the morning for Samfya. We spent until the 31st on the beach of lake Bengweulu, I strung my hammock up in the perfect niche. We had a fabulous Bon fire, we drank, ate and enjoyed the water and sun.

On the 31st we were on the road again and we arrived at the office in the evening. We celebrated New Years with country music, an amazing meal, and fire works.

Then it was back to site! Not too shabby.






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